What To Do When Your iPhone Falls In Water

Water Damage iPhone Repair

Dropping your phone in water can be your worst nightmare. However, if you take the right steps you can increase your chances of saving it. Nowadays, most newer iPhones are said to be water-resistant but sadly are not fully waterproof. When water is left untreated in the device it can be difficult to revive your iPhone or iPad.

1 Get the Phone Out of Water Quickly

This is an obvious one but the faster you get your device out of the water the better chance you will have saving the device. As these few seconds can make a huge difference.

2 Turn off the Phone

Most people will continue to use the phone once they pull their phone out of the water. This is the #1 reason people bring devices into our shop and we are unable to fix them. As soon as a device comes into contact with a liquid you need to power the device down. When leaving the device on with any type of liquid inside it will cause the motherboard, battery, screen, etc. to short out. When this happens it becomes very costly and very difficult to fix the issue.

**The single most important thing to do with water damage is power the device off and call Brand New Again***

3 Give us a call

After powering your device down simply give us a call or text at: 612-444-6000 or email us. Water damage treatment takes about 4-5 hours to complete. What we do is take your whole device apart and run the components through an ultrasonic cleaner. This creates high-frequency waves that will actually clean in between tiny components to ensure corrosion will not form. Once that is finished we clean all electronic parts with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

I have had MANY customers come in hoping to retrieve unsaved wedding, baby, and deceased family member photos only to find out the iPhone or iPad had been so corroded that it was impossible to get their device working again.

Whether this happened to your iPad, Samsung or iPhone we can help. These simple steps can increase your chance of getting your photos, text, videos, contacts, etc. You can also set up an appointment online in minutes.


A common myth is a rice will fix water damage. Please do not listen to this. I would say 60 percent of customers that bring in water damaged devices into our store say “well we tried to put it in rice but that didn’t work” or “the rice worked for a few weeks but now it’s not working”.  The reason the rice does not work is because it only does one thing, removes water. Now I am sure you are thinking, well isn’t that what I want it to do? No, once the water dries there are still tiny particles in the water and that is what causes all of the problems. Corrosion can affect the whole device in less than a day or two. It is not a matter of if my iPhone or iPad gets corrosion but when.

All You Need to Know About iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone repair

If we talk about one of the most amazing inventions over the past decade, one thing which would definitely come into the list would be the iPhone. It is a perfect blend of technology and design which has managed to reach the hearts of people across the world. However, one thing which can bring you the most dreadful experience of your life is when you have to deal with a shattered iPhone or iPad.

Your first thought may be to have it fixed with Apple. You would be right…sort of. If your phone or tablet is still under warranty and your device is experiencing issues that was NOT caused by physical damage you would be correct. If your device was damaged due to physical damage that is where our company shines.

So you may be asking, what happens if I do bring my device to Apple with physical damage? You may be shocked to hear the outrageous quote to fix your device. In most cases, Apple is 30-60% more expensive to have a device repaired with them. Not only that, but you will soon learn that you will have to schedule an appointment later that week or even the following week! To make matters worse you find out the phone repair takes 4-5 hours to complete.

Here at Brand New Again, we are able to fix your device the same day and in under two hours! iPhone repair is our specialty and we even offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts we install. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and invite you to check out of many of 5 star reviews.

You may be aware of the popular saying, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is always a good move to keep your device safe and handle it with care. We see hundreds of devices that have no cases and without any type of screen protectors. Something as simple as a good case and a screen protector can really help ensure your device is protected as possible.

However, accidents are something which is very unpredictable and tend to happen at the worst times. If you are looking for the best rated and affordable iPhone Repair in Minneapolis we are here to help.

Simply click the link above to get a free quote for any iPhone, iPad or Samsung device in less than two minutes. You can even schedule an appointment online now!

What To Keep In Mind When Looking For An iPhone Repair Expert

iphone Cracked Screen Repair

The worst nightmare of anyone which could take life is to have some accidental damage to your iPhone. Though you may bear it once if you have some hardware or software issues for a device under warranty cover. However, the out of warranty repairs could make you feel the stress on your wallet. But the thought of spending even a single day without your phone is a much more tough task to do. So, here we bring you the list of points which you need to keep in mind when you are on a hunt to locate an expert repair for your iPhone.

Experience: the first thing which you need to consider while searching for iPhone repair in Minneapolis is to find a repair shop which has some good experience of dealing with Apple products. They must have an informed and skilled team of experts who could handle any type of repair and replacement work ensuring no damage to your device.

Quality: when people tend to seek repair for their iPhone from some unauthorized store or shop, they miss an important point of quality replacement. However, if you need your device to work in the best way without any lags, make sure you find a place that promises on quality and genuine parts used during the replacement or fixes.

Affordability: last but not least, it is not necessary that if you are investing in a $1000 mobile phone, you have to pay $500 for even the minor repair like button issues, microphone error, etc. you should try to locate a repair shop which can help you add value to your money by sharing you affordable offers.

So, if you are in need of immediate repairs for your iPhone, it is necessary that you should stick with the above tips in order to get the best repair for your expensive mobile. Your effort to work on the above points while locating a repair shop for mobile will help you get value for repair as well as your money.