All You Need to Know About iPhone Screen Repair

If we talk about one of the most amazing inventions over the past decade, one thing which would definitely come into the list would be the iPhone. It is a perfect blend of technology and design which has managed to reach the hearts of people across the world. However, one thing which can bring you the most dreadful experience of your life is when you have to deal with a shattered iPhone or iPad.

Your first thought may be to have it fixed with Apple. You would be right…sort of. If your phone or tablet is still under warranty and your device is experiencing issues that was NOT caused by physical damage you would be correct. If your device was damaged due to physical damage that is where our company shines.

So you may be asking, what happens if I do bring my device to Apple with physical damage? You may be shocked to hear the outrageous quote to fix your device. In most cases, Apple is 30-60% more expensive to have a device repaired with them. Not only that, but you will soon learn that you will have to schedule an appointment later that week or even the following week! To make matters worse you find out the phone repair takes 4-5 hours to complete.

Here at Brand New Again, we are able to fix your device the same day and in under two hours! iPhone repair is our specialty and we even offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts we install. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and invite you to check out of many of 5 star reviews.

You may be aware of the popular saying, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is always a good move to keep your device safe and handle it with care. We see hundreds of devices that have no cases and without any type of screen protectors. Something as simple as a good case and a screen protector can really help ensure your device is protected as possible.

However, accidents are something which is very unpredictable and tend to happen at the worst times. If you are looking for the best rated and affordable iPhone Repair in Minneapolis we are here to help.

Simply click the link above to get a free quote for any iPhone, iPad or Samsung device in less than two minutes. You can even schedule an appointment online now!

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