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Apple iPhone repair is the most common type of service we provide. From cracked screens to a battery replacement we have you covered. Our skilled technicians always provide the highest quality of work. You'll never know it was even broken. Edina, Minnesota trusts Brand New Again with all of their broken iPhone problems. We invite you to read our many great reviews.

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Having issues other than a shattered iPhone screen or battery? No worries, we can fix that too. We also repair home buttons, cameras, charging ports, water damage, and much more. Simply click "Select Device" below to get a instant quote on any iPhone issue you are having!

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Oh, did we mention all iPhone repairs come with a lifetime warranty? We stand by our repairs and only use the highest quality parts available. Wanting to get your iPhone screen repaired the same day? No problem, just click below to get started. It will take you less than one minute to get an appointment.

Samsung Galaxy Repair Services

Samsung Galaxy and Note series is a very popular repair here at Brand New Again. We are located in Edina, Minnesota and can repair almost any damage done to your device. Our most popular repair however is cracked screen repair.

Glass/LCD repair is when your Samsung device screen is black, no image is displayed, your touch function does not work, your finger will not move the screen, lines appear or you have black spots. This is a more costly repair than glass only but is more affordable than buying a new device.

Glass only repair is the most common and is always cheaper. This repair is for you if just your glass is cracked, meaning as long as the display or LCD is undamaged with no lines, black spots etc. If this describes your Samsung Galaxy or Note this is the repair for you.

Brand New Again offers a wide selection of repair types for your Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note device along with a lifetime warranty. Simply click "Select Device" below to see the complete list and information about your repair.

Fix Your iPad

We are iPad repair specialists located in Edina, Minnesota and serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Does your iPad need a screen replacement? Perhaps the LCD has weird lines running through it? Has your home button or power button become worn out or has it completely stopped working? Bring your broken tablet to Brand New Again for an expert iPad repair experience.

iPad screen replacement is our most common iPad repair, we fix these daily. Each iPad repair is completed with precision to fix your cracked and shattered glass. iPad repair takes an experienced technician who understands the correct amount of heat and pressure to carefully remove the broken glass. Once the glass is removed, our technician will reach the motherboard and be able to put on a replacement screen. We can also handle damaged corners that are bent from drop damage.

Our iPad repair shop will diagnose any problem you are having. If your iPad is in need of a screen replacement or any other type of repair we can help. Click "Select Device" below to get started. We stand behind our product and that is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. We only use the highest quality parts with the strongest adhesive to ensure your device will meet your satisfaction for the life of your device.

Computer Repair Services

Brand New Again is a MacBook repair company located in Edina and serves Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Do you have a cracked MacBook Pro, Air, or iMac screen? Maybe you spilled a bit of coffee or water on the keyboard? Do you have irreplaceable photos and videos on your device? Hate the idea of having a pay $1000+ for a new device? Apple will not cover any device with water damage and if your MacBook does not turn on they will charge around $600 dollars just to give you a refurbished device. We have a solution for all of your problems and can do it for a fraction of what Apple charges.

Get started by clicking "Select Device" below and fill out the information requested. In most cases we will get back to you in just a few hours. Brand New Again offers a lifetime warranty on all repairs and only uses the highest quality parts to ensure your device will meet your satisfaction for the life of your device.

Cracked Screen Repair

We welcome most models of smarts phones and especially focus on Apple iPhone devices, Samsung Galaxy and Note, LG, and more. We can even repair your cracked iPad or MacBook screen. Cannot find your model using our booking software? No worries, just email or call us and we will get back to you with a quote in no time!

Let’s talk about cracked screen repair on your mobile device. This is the most common type of repair needed from our customers. A cracked screen can do a number of different things when the damage occurs. The 1st, and most common is simply when the glass becomes shattered and the phone remains working just fine. Other than glass shards waiting to stab your fingers. In some instances you may still be able to see your screen but the touch or digitizer has stopped working altogether. Get the Best Battery & Screen Replacement Services of iPhone & Samsung Cell Phones. In more rare cases your display will show lines, spots or will be completely black. No matter your issue fear not, we have seen it and we can help. Get started by selecting “Repair my phone” below.

Brand New Again is a cell phone repair business located in Edina, Minnesota. We serve surrounding areas such as Minneapolis, Bloomington, Richfield, Saint Louis Park, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and More.

Cracked Screen Repair

Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is the hardest type of repair. As we all know, water and electronics do not mix because of the electrical nature of powered devices. At Brand New Again, We have put in much effort to revive water damaged devices and are successful in many cases.

The worst part about water damage repair is that not every device can be repaired. In many cases the water damage is too great. This happens when corrosion builds up inside the phone and eats away vital inner components, or a short occurs under large chips which cannot be replaced.

Our success rate with water damaged phones is around 75%. This is a great thing! Many phones we can repair using ultrasonic cleaning methods and exchanging shorted components thru microsoldering methods. If we cannot repair your water damaged phone thru normal methods, perhaps we can still save your data with our data recovery option.

Leave it to our certified technicians at Brand New Again to for all your water damage repair needs.

Water Damage

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